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Over the past 15 – 20 years myself and the staff at Ocean Quest have endevoured to travel the world and Scuba Dive some of the most amazing diving sites in the world. The concept of diving is purely skills based and very much dependant on psychology, metal ability, understanding, experience and physical ability. In the world of Scuba Diving there are diving sites all around the planet from the murky waters of Cardiff Bay, to the Sea’a of swansea, to the coast of pembroke, and distant foreign shore’s of Egypt, South Africaand beyond.

Some Scuba Divers however become pioneers of the industry one such person is Brett Gilliam a true waterman and pioneer of the underwater world, from an early time he has exerience deep water encounters with sharks, he has pushed the limits of diving on an open water scuba diving unit to deep depths past 100m  and he has advanced the world of diving both physically and intulectually, yet most peolpe will not have heard of Brett Gilliam even though he truley has been exeption in the Scuba Diving World.

Here at Ocean Quest we have taught people to dive through the PADI Open Water Diver system, the British Sub Aqua System, Scuba Schools International and TDI which is teh system founded and formed by Brett Gilliam himself. Technicall diving was really in its infancy when he came along and structured the whole concept of human beings diving at depth using Open Circuit and Closed Circuit Scuba Diving System.

So in honour of my Gilliam I would ust like to say spend some time to read about the man and his achievements has he deserves more aknowledgment and respect for truy being a pioneer of our tie.

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