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When starting out on the journey to learn to dive many people believe it will be stress full and very difficult to become an Open Water Diver wether certified with PADI International, British Sub Aqua Club, NAUI, CMAS, SSI, SSA, SDI or any other certifying body for Scuba Diving Instruction.

All the systems have one thing in common, they all teach people how to Scuba Dive and diving is pretty generic in its format, we put together our Scuba equipment, we put it on, we check it with our buddy, we get in the water, we float and check again, we descend under the water, we clear our ears and most importantly of all we obtain neutral buoyancy, this is the main concept of learning to scuba dive, neutral buoyancy is the art of stopping, controlling and levelling in the water to obtain the perfect position and depth for your dive. It is total weightlessness only felt by astronaughts flying through space.

Neutral Bouyancy initially is the main reason to dive, not the fish or the sea but the feeling of hanging and hovering with perfect neutral buoyancy is truly amazing, a feeling I still love to this day and I have been diving for 20 years. So really learning to dive and being an accomplished diver is about hanging, hoverering and chilling out underwater. Anyone can do this above the age of 10 years old, that is why diving is so amazing, it can be taken up at any time of life and will become the ultimate journey to follow.

Our next course of underwater astronaughts is being held in Hebron Hall in Cardiff on the 1st March, students will learn all the basis concepts of Scuba Diving befre going into the Open Water, but the main concept they will learn will be Neutral Buoyancy.

PADI Scuba Diving Courses

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